Smiles on Canvas

Who are they?

Smiles on Canvas is a mobile paint party provider.  They offer a fun and enjoyable event that can be hosted at your home, place of work, or any other location. With a wide variety of paintings available, and more added regularly, there is certain to be something for everyone to be proud of when the party is over.  

Why they wanted a new website?

In this day and age, to get the exposure, conversion, and attention needed to grow a business, a professional website is a must. They wanted someone who understood how to highlight their beautiful paintings they offered and showcase their story to set them apart from their competition.

What kind of things were they looking for?

The main focus was to allow potential clients to find information about their mobile paint parties.  Conversion from website visitor into paying client was a top priority. As the project went on, it became clear that giving future hosts a way to plan their perfect party was going to require an events calendar to track the available dates.

What an honor!

To be trusted to care for someone’s website design project is an honor. I am so grateful that my dear friends at Smiles on Canvas chose me to help them shape their online presence. This is just the first step of many that will help to set them apart from their competition. They allowed me to display their passion, expertise, and creativity and for that I am very thankful!

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