Budget Cuts, LLC

Who are they?

Budget Cuts, LLC is a lawn care & landscaping company servicing Chesapeake, Virginia Beach and Norfolk areas of Virginia.  They are a family owned and operated company that provides quality work at affordable prices.  They provide many outdoor services for both residential and commercial clients.

Why they wanted a new website?

After spending a number of years building the client base and working a full time job at the same time, it was now time to focus on running a successful business. Having no web presence at all before this meant they needed someone that could shape their online strategy so that vsitors to their website could get the information they were looking for in order to make an informed choice about who to hire to maintain their landscapes. 

What kind of things were they looking for?

One of the key things they wanted to do was create a pool of potential clients.  Like most new businesses, they had taken on customers that might not have turned out to be profitable and they wanted to be able to replace them with new clients.  They wanted to demonstrate that their company was firmly established and assure anyone wishing to do business with them that they would receive quality work.  

What an honor!

I greatly appreciate being able to help craft this website for my friends at Budget Cuts.  Not only are they going to be a great asset to our local community, they will hold a special place in my heart forever. I couldn’t have asked for a better project to jumpstart my creativity and add to my portfolio. Thanks!!!

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